Izzy Rose

Izzy Rose is a self taught visual artist working intuitively to create abstract, textual landscapes. Driven by a curiosity of the relationship between humans and nature, her art explores the power of being immersed in the seas, woods and skies. Looking to recreate those moments of magic that we experience in out own lives when surrounded by nature, reminding us to breathe it all in and live from that place of connection.

Born and raised in a coastal town, Izzy's childhood was immersed in the ebb and flow of the sea. This early connection with the water, the shore, and the ever-changing landscapes became the wellspring of her artistic journey.

With a palette that mirrors the hues of the ocean and the earth, Izzy's art captures the interplay of light, texture, and space. Her technique, inspired by abstract and impressionist traditions, infuses her work with a unique sense of movement and harmony.

Passionate about diving deeper into the effect that the natural world has our health and well-being, obsessed with being in and around the water, Izzy uses her art as a way to encourage people to recognise the nature within them, and to reconnect with it’s magic. Creating homes and spaces that encourages that sense of peace and freedom to explore.

“Mine is a story of exploration and reconnecting, and deep healing. My art is a result of all of it. It’s an honour to share this journey with people who feel that connection to the natural world and want to dive deeper into it.”

Connect with Izzy Rose through her art and embark on a journey of rediscovery, as you explore the profound bond between the human spirit and the world outside.