David Ridley

Drawing upon elements of abstraction, David’s paintings seek to capture the atmospheric and transient qualities of a single moment in the natural world. Through observation tempered with the subtle alteration of line, colour and texture, he transforms the traditional landscape or seascape into something powerful, contemporary and compelling. David feels a strong personal connection with the ocean and particularly the most rugged parts of the British coastline. Heavily influenced by the impressionistic seascapes of JMW Turner, specifically in their mastery of natural light, he paints in response to the contrasts and elemental changes which can take place so swiftly, when a moment of calm reflection is replaced by the drama of stormy skies and crashing waves. Although he paints primarily in oils, David experiments with other mediums, and has recently incorporated some industrial and building materials such as texture pastes, which give the composition an edge of rawness and authenticity. He is passionate about giving his work a “definitive texture and sense of touch”, and he often brings a piece to life by creating a layered, almost sculptural 3d effect in the foreground.

David’s work is in a number of prestigious private collections and he has undertaken private commissions for Qatari royalty and exclusive luxury properties. In 2019 his artwork was featured on Grand Designs.

“Rather than replicating an image I seek to evoke the aura of a place, to capture an atmospheric scene or moment in time- immersing the viewer in a sense of space and timelessness.”