German pop artist Caspa is inspired by many things - childhood memories, nature, politics, music, conversations – and all these elements factor in to his vibrant and positive street-style artworks.

Working from a studio just outside Nuremberg, this exciting young artist has shown his high-octane, mixed-media artworks in a number of exhibitions locally including one arranged by luxury car brand Porsche. His animated style and varied subject matter have been noticed, and he is now attracting attention further afield from both galleries and collectors.

Influenced not only by the style of the street but also by the materials, he freely employs spray paint, acrylics, glitter, and gold leaf and may apply them with anything from traditional brushes to squeegies and spatulas.

Superheroes, movie stars, artists, cartoon characters and many more make appearances in Caspa’s work. Using an explosive combination of ideas, humour and technical skill, he has found a way to express his distinctive world view in an artistic language all his own.