Roz Wilson

Using classic cars as her subject, Roz creates exquisitely detailed original paintings which portray the automobile as an object of both extreme beauty and curvaceous femininity.

Her lifelong passion for all things petrol driven combines with her outstanding creative talent to capture the sensuality and mystique of these traditionally masculine machines. Each painting is more than a simple likeness of its subject as Roz skilfully draws us in by showing us the world beyond, reflected in the highly polished surface of the cars.

Born in Hertfordshire in 1960, Roz's three year Graphic design course at Stevenage College was before the advent of computers, so everything had to be drawn by hand - an invaluable lesson. After graduation she moved up to London and opened a small shop where she designed, made and sold clothes in Kensington Market which was a haven for ‘creative types’ in the early 1980s. She made bespoke stage clothes for numerous famous clients including Freddie Mercury and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and sold her creations to shops in New York, Texas and Hollywood.

Roz lived the rock 'n' roll lifestyle until she met a man who took her away from the bright lights of the city to live on a boat in Berkshire. Together they ran a sign business until she picked up her brushes again and began to hone her skills in photo realism. Initially she painted portraits and landscapes but eventually, inevitably, moved on to her passion - cars and bikes. Roz won countless prizes and a personal highlight was when Eric Clapton signed the portrait she painted for London's Hard Rock Café.

Roz now lives on a farm in the Surrey hills and when she is not painting she loves walking her dog. She has owned many classic and collectable cars over the years, including Jaguars, Chryslers and a Chevrolet, but has always remained faithful to her beloved Rusty Harley which has been part of her life for over 20 years.