Peter Cosslett

As a Torbay based artist Peter Cosslett has made coastal subjects very much his speciality; the sea crashing over the rocks, long lazy waves breaking on the beach, moonlight glinting through the surf. In the chaos of modern life, these images represent escapism and relaxation and inevitably have an enduring appeal as rich oils on canvas. Peter Cosslett is probably the finest present day realist painter of British Seascapes, and has been working as a collectable full time artist since 1971. His success stems from his fine brushstrokes and close observation of how the sea behaves around the local coast line.

Born in Cardiff in 1927 Peter started his working life in the merchant marines, where he first became fascinated with the power of the sea. After the war he took up painting as a pastime. A serious illness which resulted in a leg amputation was a turning point for Peter and he decided to try to make a career out of his paintings, the one thing he loves. He started to attend art classes at night school but was told that there was no more they could teach him. He continued to teach himself through a process of trial and error.

Peter is a committed and meticulous artist who has overcome misfortune to become a very highly sought after and successful artist. As a company we are both fortunate and delighted to have such an extensive collection of his work in our galleries