Markus Haub

Markus Haub is the most innovative painter of classic cars working in Europe today. He is both a highly skilled traditional artist and a fully fledged member of the cyber-generation, and his creative evolution has gone hand in hand with the rise of the digital age. Markus was famously commissioned by Mercedes Benz to create an image celebrating the fact that they had reached 10 million fans on facebook, then 14, 16 and 19 million!

In the summer Markus attends classic car events, races and rallies all over Europe including Goodwood in England, Le Mans in France and Nürburgring in Germany, so is a genuine insider with affection and understanding in terms of his subject matter. Wherever he goes he takes his camera and sketchbook and believes context to be as important as the subject.

A stationary car photographed with sunlight gleaming on the chrome is altogether different from the same car taking a bend at speed on an icy Alpine road. Back in the studio to looks for those perfect lines and the best possible setting for each subject, then creates each piece using a range of traditional and modern techniques and media.

Born in the German city of Mainz in 1972, Markus studied at the Pforzheim School of Design which combines traditional fine arts training with innovative and leading–edge design instruction. After internships at Opel, Audi Design Munich, Heuliez Torino and Storz Design Austria he worked for the Volkswagen Group for four years and then for Renault in Barcelona and Paris for seven years in a prestigious position as a designer. Since those days, he has produced countless commissions for car enthusiasts and collectors and his work has been exhibited and sold all over Europe.