Helios employs a kaleidoscope of colours and an intriguing harmony of dark and ligh t to create his luminous oil paintings. His style combines truthful portrayals of location with more abstract interpretations of foreground detail which introduces a pleasing sense of calm and relaxation into the scene. Each captivating composition demonstrates his deep passion for both landscape and nature in general and entices the viewer into the artist’s peaceful world.

The striking quality of his work is partly due to the vigorous combinations of colour and his use of fluid brushstrokes and clear, concise lines. The accuracy of the reflections in the water that perfectly mirror reality, the horizons that convey the scale and grandeur of the country, the open spaces bathed in the hot southern light, all of these work together to create masterly evocations of a harmonious landscape.

Helios was born in 1958 in the Spanish city of Alcoy, where he studied at the School of Fine Art. His atmospheric work has been shown in over a hundred individual exhibitions throughout Spain and Portugal, and is acknowledged as one of the greatest Valencian artists of the twentieth Century. He has displayed his work widely across Europe, and his participation in competitions has been recognized with more than 38 prestigious awards.